Everything You Need to Know About Breast Pads

If you are a new mother or an expecting one, congratulations!   By now, you must be aware that nursing moms deal with a very real consequence of milk production- breast milk leakage. It can be a result of overproduction of milk or even your body’s natural response to your distressed baby.

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The good news is that breast milk leakage is completely natural and is no cause for worry. Having said that, it can be a cause of embarrassment and can soil your clothes repeatedly if suitable precautions are not taken.

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If you are hearing about Breast Pads for the first time, allow us to introduce you to this must-have product for nursing moms. Here are the ABCs of Breast Pads and how to use them:

What are Breast Pads: Simply put, Breast Pads or Nursing Pads are circular

pads made of fabrics like cotton/ wool/bamboo etc. They are worn between your nipple and bra to soak-in

any sudden milk leakage. The concept is similar to that of a panty liner or a sanitary napkin. Once worn, you are safe from staining your clothes and you remain dry and comfortable.

Types of Breast Pads: Breast Pads are available in two varieties i.e. reusable and disposable. Reusable Breast Pads can be washed and worn repeatedly while the disposable variety is for one-time use only.

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How to put Breast Pads in 3 easy steps:

  1.   Ensure your nipple is clean and dry.
  2.   Peel the Breast Pad from its packet.
  3.   Position your nipple on the middle of the pad and press the adhesive side (if applicable) into the cup of the bra. This ensures you get maximum coverage against leakage and your pad stays put in one place.

Precautions and care:

  1.   Change your Breast Pads when they become damp/wet. Follow the same principle you do when using a panty liner or a sanitary napkin. As you know, warmth and moisture attract bacterial and fungal growth.

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  1.   Disinfect yeast growth in reusable Breast Pads by washing them with a combination of vinegar and water. Dry in direct sunlight. Avoid usage for 2-3 weeks.
  2.   For general use, read and follow the washing instructions on the label of the reusable Breast Pads thoroughly.

Mommies, now that you have cracked the code on how to use Breast/Nursing Pads, you can be safe and comfortable while nursing your little one! Head to and bring home your favourite Breast Pads today!

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