‘Jab I Met’ My Perfect Match

Dear Diary,

There has been enough heartbreak. It’s time. I’m breaking up.Heck! I even introduced the ‘love of my life’ to all my girlfriends! Alas! And you know what? I have realised it is time to move on. To something special. A relationship of trust, love, care and comfort.

 You know how they show ‘meet cutes’ in the movies? It is a bright sunny day, flowers in full bloom and the love of your life is shining in a room full of people? It was exactly like that!

‘Jab I Met’ My I walked into the Stylish peek store and there it was- my DreamBra

 covered in beautiful florals, shining bright like a thousand suns!

And then…I wore it! It was something I hadn’t felt in 20 something years. The butterflies, the joy, the comfort!

And just as I was coming to terms with

my new love- I was introduced to its many friends

was in heaven! For starters, I found other Bras for every possible occasion! Blouse for a ‘Shaadi’? check!

Sports Bra? Check!

That calls for a miracle! Sexy bralette? Check!

It was like I had made friends for life!

And that’s not all! I found the most comfortable Sleepwear (bye-bye frumpy old T-shirt & shorts), Shapewear (it’s time to stop sucking in my tummy!), Activewear (Cute gym wear that can be worn outside! Genius!)

To who showed me what love is, I just want to say one thing- ‘Tujhe Dekha to Yeh Jana Sanam, Pyaar Hota Hai Deewana Sanam…!’ Yes, I have become a total ‘Deewana’ of the Stylish Peek Collection, and I’m standing with my arms wide open (Bollywood style 😉) to accept all the love!

That’s all for now dear diary, this is my ‘Jab We Met’ story. It is the perfect ‘meet cute’!

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